Thursday, March 27, 2008

This is a test. This is just a test. To see if I can blog pictures... Yea! Hopefully I can do this after Alison goes home. This is Patrick (18 months), he knows grandpa's moto-choo-choo's are in this garage. Hopefully someone will come and open the door so he can get in.

Monday, March 24, 2008

Yes I have grandkids!

I really think this is too stressful. I still need Alison to help me post pictures. Until that happens go to her blog and you can find out what we have been doing. Or Stephanie's. Will this be like writing in a journal?!!! I'm not too good at that either.
I went to Utah for my Spring break to check on my mom and dad, see Sara and the rest of my family. I have a great family. I do have pictures of that and if you can be patient I'll blog them soon.
Then this weekend Jerry and I went to Orange County to hear Ben perform in a new orchestra called the Orange County Mormon Choral Organization. He is principal Horn and they were unbelievable. Most of the songs were LDS hymns arranged by the young man who has put this group together - orchestra, adult choir, youth choir and primary chorus. They perform in the Orange County Performing Arts Center - new and gorgeous. This is their second performance. The first was a Christmas Concert in December. Next they will be doing a patriotic show in June. Anyway it was fun to hear Ben, who does this for fun in addition to school, work - helping to manage a golf course in Mission Veijo, and be EQP in his ward. He and Janae came and had breakfast with us at the hotel before we left Saturday.
We came back to Caleb's second birthday party and Easter at our house. I also had today off from school so the girls and I went to IHOP for breakfast. Stephanie said 'didn't we decide last time that when we did this again we would leave the boys at home...' We didn't and it was a circus. Thank goodness Stephanie brought the playdough!
I promise when I start posting pictures I won't write so much - just captions.

Thursday, March 6, 2008

My first blog!!!!!!

Hang on to your hats folks - I have entered the 21st century. I am officially a blogger - thanks to Alison and Stephanie. Now instead of cleaning my bathroom, folding laundry and doing dishes I can blog!!!!! I'm so excited, except for the pressure I feel to be cute and creative like all of you other bloggers. But maybe I won't - I'm not going to worry about it. One less thing.