Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Birthdays Backwards.

November 5, 2011
Cory's birthday dinner at Woolgrowers-
He and Alison thought it was time they tried tongue...
They decided they probably wouldn't need to do that again.
Jesus spent his birthday eating his mom's pot roast in Texas - while he was job hunting. We did have cake when he got home.
Sara and her roommate Sarah had a twin birthday bash in Salt Lake.
This is at Dewars when she came home the next day.
Ben and Janae's birthdays were in August - so maybe this counts for them too,
Caleb and Patrick turned 5 this year!

September, 17, 2011
Hannah's great all-day party in Success Valley.
There was fishing,

Actual catching fish. (For some.)

Playing. "You're coming in loud and clear good buddy."

Swing hanging. With surprisingly no injuries...

And presents.

Patrick's Spiderman Party.

A non-whacking pinata. Just yank the string.
So easy and less violent.

August - Elena celebrating at Rosemary's.

Wow!! It's not a car but I'm still excited!!

June 23. My birthday in Utah. Lunch with Patty.
And a yummy lemon cake with Sara.

May 25, Jer's birthday with Jesus and Alison.

The end.