Sunday, January 9, 2011


These two people along with their parents were in Texas for Christmas ... not fun for Grandma.
Thankfully I still had these two...

Stephanie and Sara came with me to Ben and Janae's Christmas concert. It was fabulous.

Jerry and I built a house in St. George.. actually we had a builder do it - much easier.
Maybe we'll retire there someday.

I took Sara home to SLC and got to be there for the Orton Christmas Party. My mom died two and a half weeks later. I'm so glad I got to be there with them.

My brother made my mom 'bells' years ago and even though everyone over the age of 20 says they hate them - they really don't. Everyone gets one, with a nail and we play Christmas carols. We laugh a lot. Maybe if we did it more often we'd be good but mostly it is a comedy.

Sara, cousins and aunts.

Hannah decorating Grandpa.

Sara was in California more than she was in Utah for a couple of months - Hurray!!

She even got to go with Jerry and I for our annual San Fransisco trip. We've done it for several years during Christmas to shop and eat while Jerry goes to a CPA conference. Not so fun for him but great for us. We'd invite Alison but she got married and had children... And she was in Texas.
Sara wanted to try Oysters on the Half Shell... so we did. Yum :(

Here goes! Down the hatch. ( Blehhh. In my opinion.)

Isn't hotel life divine!

Christmas Day - Grandpa's biscuits and gravy. The best ever!


Look! I just spelled my name in French! Dang I'm smart!

Merry Christmas 2010