Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Let there be blogging!

Happy St. Patrick's Day!
I came into the garage after Caleb went home one day and saw that he had parked his 'bike' in between Grandpa's 'bikes'. We have two for he and Patrick that look exactly they same but Caleb knows the difference and prefers 'his'.
Sara has been hanging out in the kitchen again. Her next project was a cheesecake.
She is an evil woman.

And more of Sara's creations.
Sara and I went to hear Ben and Janae's concert last month. We spent a glorious weekend with them and at Huntington Beach. The concert was fabulous. (The shopping was pretty good too.)
We had dinner at B. J.'s and finished off with a Chocolate on chocolate with chocolate Pazooki.

Janae's mom is in the choir too, and Ben is in the orchestra, of course.
ps Next pic: Sara licking the Pazooki pan...

"Hey everybody, it's my birthday and I'm THREE!"
Yes Caleb is three. And we had a party.

Amanda Pitts helped Stephanie make this darling Bob The Builder Cake.

I can't believe Caleb is three. Time does fly when you're having fun and grandkids are so much fun.
Yes these are cinnamon rolls. And they were horrible - each one of them that I ate.
Stop the madness!!!