Monday, February 27, 2012

NOV * DEC 2011 Part two of two...

All fourteen of us around one table!!

We (I use this generally, because I realized later that I didn't cook... I guess I'm a really good delegator!) cooked, of course, and ate. And we played with play dough.... Jesus made this lovely turkey. Then the boys smashed it to pieces... poor turkey - poor Jesus.

and we (meaning some - not all) went running.
And we found this great indoor swimming/sports complex.... Had lots of fun there.

The End of Chapter 1.
So the Moreno's moved to Texas. I'm sure you know how much fun that was. Saying goodbye is the hardest thing to do - trust me. Labor and delivery, root canals, speaking in church... not even close. Don't ask me about it or you'll be sorry. We did do some pretty fun things while they lived here. New babies, Christmas, The Fair, Disneyland, popcorn, swimming, The Strawberry Festival, carving jack-o-lanterns, singing Happy Birthday in restaurants and sounding like the Mo Tab..., golf cart rides, being in the same ward for awhile, camping, putting Ben's train together, the marble thing, the doll house. I hope we can somehow keep making memories so all of us stay connected.

Jerry didn't want me to be sad,

And neither did Sara.
Now let's change the subject: I have one piano student. Only one because she is so gifted. We decided we needed to have a recital so Jill and I learned some Christmas duets and played them for her family. We were awesome! And we got roses.

Then one day after her lesson she decided we needed to put up my tree... it's not an easy project. But we did and found some electrical problems. Jill was like a woman possessed. She wouldn't stop until it was right and that took awhile. I was in awe.
Now we can have Christmas:
Caleb got a cool remote control jeep.

Sara got an emergency back pack to put in her car. She thought it was shoes... Oh Santa - you're so funny.
Hannah got dolls,

and a mermaid dress.
Bye bye Wendy.