Tuesday, September 4, 2012

The Condensed Version.

The pedicure. I needed a pedicure and I was tending Hannah - so we both went. She was the youngest customer they told me. And her legs were too short for the regular chair. So he tried a different chair... still to short. So he tried piling up phone books. Nope. So he decided to eliminate the 'soak feet in the bucket of warm water step' and let her legs dangle. Whatever works. She picked green polish - her dad's favorite color. And they looked fabulous - until we walked out to the car... and most of it smooshed off. It was fun anyway. 

The fiance'. Sara got engaged. Lucky I was on my way to SLC to hear her play in her piano recital anyway so I got to see the ring and re-meet the guy. Bryan Joshua Luke. I already knew he could have a good time at Disneyland, and the fact that Sara liked him a lot - well it was the best news. 

So then he had to meet Jerry... that was fun. We went to St. George and it was love at first sight!
My birthday. I talked Sara into flying home for my birthday oh and would you like to go to see Les Miz just for fun too. Yep! So we did - with Ben and Janae. Then she made me a strawberry pie and blue berry pancakes. And she wrote me a book.
I also got a cute Apron from Texas and a George Strait CD. The Cory Randall's came to my party too.

I forgot something... Before the whole birthday/Les Miz thing - I went to Sara's, and her cousin Whitney's bridal shower that my sister gave them - in Utah. 

They even got white Vans monogrammed with their wedding dates!!! It was a fun Patty party.