Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Christmas, New Years, Heaven

These pictures are mixed I'll just label them as they are.
Won't that be fun!

This is biscuits and gravy on Christmas morning. The Moreno's were in Utah so Alison got to make them for Jesus' family. She said they were almost as good as dad's.

I went to Utah to see my family and then help Sara move home. This is our four generation picture at the Orton Christmas Party.

New Year's Eve at the Petroleum Club - Sara and Stephanie share a dessert. They were just a little bit excited.
We got a babysitter for the boys which made it nice for the mom's and dad's. We love you Laura Mayberry!
Happy 2009! Ben and Janae got stranded on the we didn't see them until the next morning.

Utah: playing the bells - an Orton Family Tradition. So fun to be there.
It snowed while we were there. . . Don't miss that very much.

Christmas morning. Cory and Caleb playing with the new train.

So, Heaven... We just got back from San Diego. Jerry had a conference and invited Sara and I. It was glorious. The weather, the food, the shopping, the view...
This is Sara sitting in the window sill picking out her condo when she gets a job here...
Jerry and I at the USS Midway where they built this statue of Bop Hope who entertained the troops through several wars. Thanks for the memories!
And last; Sara and I at the Hotel Coronado.The end.