Saturday, August 21, 2010

The real difference between men and women...

Men just don't get it.
Jerry used to think there was something wrong with me because I wanted so many pillows on our bed. One day we went to see a friends go
rgeous new house. When we got to their lovely bedroom, there were about 50 pillows on the bed...much more than we ever had. He finally decided it was something women did - he'd just better live with it. Since then he has been more supportive. Well, I recently got new bedding and he has been concerned that once in awhile when he makes the bed (last one out of it - most of the time that's me) he puts the pillows on right - so he will watch me to know how. Last week I came in our room to this:

Maybe it will take a few more lessons...
P.S. We have been married 36 years this weekend.
He still makes me laugh.

Friday, August 13, 2010

JUNE - JULY 2010

My birthday at Mimi's... Elena really loved the gummi worm dirt/pudding cup thingy..
Cory did too!

The Fourth of July - God Bless America!!

Pick a hat... then pick a tomato. Eat it.

Utah. My brother playing catch with my dad. Not bad for 84.

At my nephew's reception. Me and Sara.

Zack, Andie and grandpa.

Dad and mom.

Sara and Uncle Doug.

Tyler and Ashley.


Me and my siblings.

Ben and Janae came to visit.

Cory trying to impress Elena with his tat... a lady bug I think.

Isn't she lovely...isn't she beautiful...

(Just don't come in the house.)