Friday, June 25, 2010

New Temple in Bakersfield...and other stuff.

Sara came home for some sun (with Patrick and Elena). And to go to Ben and Janae's concert.
Alison came too.

It was fabulous! Lot's of great Patriotic music, a tribute to the Military -Jerry got to stand up, and Colin Ray - a country western singer who loves America!! - was the guest.
God Bless the U.S.A.!!!
Remember those pink shoes Sara was blogging about? Well she brought them this trip but didn't get to wear them so...she put them on before she left and laid on the island... Not sure why. Probably just delaying the long drive back to Salt Lake City.

This is the temple that Caleb built. Complete with the Angel Moroni on top (a Star Wars Guy). Behind him you can see all the toys (and I mean All the toys) he had to dump out so he would have the right amount of buckets and baskets to make it just right.

Every year I get something on my tomatoes to make me wonder if it's worth all the time and money to grow my own... (It's not.) This year it is tomato worms...

I think they have to be in the top three of God's most bizarre creations. (I can't think of what the other two are right now.)
Jesus threw them out in the field. Hopefully some bird had a great meal.

I had a birthday shout hurray!! Here we are lighting a candle in a Smith's cookie- better than cake.
I got some mini 'bee - noculars' that didn't need to be wrapped because Patrick told me what they were when they walked through the door... Paper, tape and ribbon saved!
Maybe you didn't know we have a ballerina in the family. Yes we do. Stephanie had her recital this week and it was amazing. She danced as a teenager and decided she wanted to do it again so she has been in classes since last fall.
That's not first position Cory.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Fun is:

Fun is putting a puzzle together for three weeks and finding out it has two missing pieces... NOT!

Fun is the beach.
Fun is sitting in a box.

Fun is sitting in a wagon!

Fun is being at the cemetery! (Yes, we can have fun at the cemetery.) It would have been more fun without the red ants...
We had a cookies on a blanket and thoughts of family - how blessed we are, friends - ditto, and country - Thanks for great sacrifices.

Fun is being at the beach with Ben. Sara flew home for some sunshine.

Fun is working on the tan.

Fun is warming up.
Fun is getting sand in her shorts.

Fun is jammin'

Fun is having a ponytail!

Fun is playing kickball at the park.

And fun is going to the JB Mustache Party.
The end.