Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Helping Stephanie out. Her camera has given up the ghost.

Alison and Stephanie on our St. Patrick's Day visit to Cory and Steph's new house.
There are horses - therefore horseshoes.

I just can't seem to get this into reverse...
A pond with fish.
And best of all - fruit trees! All kinds! Right now the oranges are excellent.

After they moved in we went back.

Perfect for their dinning room table.

A belated birthday party for Caleb.
Cory, who is only 10 minutes from work came home to say hi.

Elena, or as we like to call her - Hair - and Hannah.

Feeding Mr. Brown carrots. He lives across the street.

And sipping a little homemade lemonade.. right off the trees.
Well Stephanie did pick them, squeeze them and add some sugar.
It was a great day.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

**First Annual Girl's Weekend **

I met Sara and my two nieces in St. George for a little R & R.
There should have been more 'girls' there but oh well - it's a start.
We had Breakfast at the Bear Claw!
We stayed up and chatted by the fire.
There was Solitaire - did you know you can actually play it with real cards!
And roasted tomato bisque (Sara) and grilled cheese sandwiches (Whitney).
We went to Zion - next time we'll actually go in and do some hiking.
And the girls went to Vegas to shop! Sara looks pretty excited - doesn't she?
Maybe she doesn't think Trix ( her new car) will be able to hold all their purchases...
The week I was there my brother called to tell me my Dad's Aunt Phyllis had passed away and would I represent the family and go to the viewing. This is my Dad's now only living aunt - Aunt Kay. My Grandma Ruby died when I was in High School and it was the neatest thing to see her sister and talk about my Grandma and their family of 13! Aunt Kay is 88 and still works in the Denver Temple.

Do they know how to have fun or what?!