Sunday, December 14, 2008

Why do I always do this at midnight?

I should be in bed but...I just gotta blog!
So ... in November my boys went golfing. Cory set up a weekend that Ben could come up and they hit the greens...and little white balls. I don't know their scores but I think they had a good time.
Sara came for Thanksgiving. She and Kristina put up my Christmas tree the day after - no the next day. (Sara and I went to the mall on Black Friday to help out the economy and it was pretty fun.) I don't know why I dread it so much. I just can't do it by myself and hate to ask anyone to lug it in and set it up. I had a busy week ahead and knew I wouldn't get to it so I am forever grateful to whoever will help. And it is gorgeous when it's up. Yes, I have thought about leaving it out all year...Last year I almost did. Jesus finally took it down in February - I think.

While Sara was here she made gingerbread cookies that we all got to decorate. It was grand fun. A big mess but grand fun.

We had everyone with us for Thanksgiving except Ben and Janae. (Ben was supposed to meet Janae's family at her grandmother's in Palm Springs after he got off work, but after sitting in traffic for an hour and a half- not moving! he turned around and went to Del Taco by himself. Isn't that a sad story.) We also invited the Marchesini's - Stephanie's family. It was great. Lots to be thankful for.
Here is Jesus Edward Moreno - college graduate. He graduated on December 1st from Cal State. We are very proud of him.

Jerry and I went to Ben's Christmas concert with the Orange County Mormon Choral Organization this month. Janae and her mom sing in the choir now so it was fun to hear all of them. The music was fabulous.

In my new calling I got to help with the annual Celebration of the Nativity that the church hosts each year. I am not a fan of hard work... and this was one of the most strenuous things I can remember doing, ever! But now that it is over and I have almost forgotten the 'pain', I know what I will remember is the people who I got to spend that week with. The two amazing women who did far more than I did, and have busier lives to begin with, will always be my heroes and my friends. The others who came and put in so many hours and smiled about it are also the greatest examples to me (am I baring my testimony...?).

Jocelyn Delgado, Lori Gabbitas and I when we left the last day. Don't we look like we've run a marathon... I think we did.

Caleb and Patrick and I at the Nativity Celebration.

One of my responsibilities was arranging the musical numbers in the evening. Of course I had to recruit my own kids. And they did a great job.
Here is the transformed Cultural Hall.

And finally two of my favorite things!

and Patrick

Why don't I have pictures of the babies? I'd better work on that.
The end.
Oh - ps. Thanks to Alison for my background page. Isn't it lovely.