Thursday, August 20, 2009

Three months in a flash>>>>>>>>>>

Memorial Weekend with Ben and Janae.
The awesome flag cake.

Playing video games like the old days.

Harvesting my basil and tomatoes! (The cilantro died. And the pumpkins Caleb helped me plant never came up but he still keeps asking where they are.)

Sara passes her big test. The last test. No more. Hurray!

Trip to Utah. The Oquirrah Mountain Temple open house.
After Moroni was struck by lightening and had to be reguilded.

Ben's concert in Orange County -
Getting back in the wedding dress!!

Father's Day

My birthday at Woolgrowers... don't ask.

Lucky me.

God bless America!!Fourth of July ride!

Do these goggles make me look fat?

Sara not only went to Thailand - she also came home from Thailand!
Summer Family Picture
complete with Jesus' battle scars.

Ice cream at Dewars!

California State Junior Miss Girls

Thirty- fifth anniversary. Hard to believe.

Ben's birthday in Huntington Beach.

Thanks Alison for the new blog page.