Monday, November 10, 2008

Doesn't it just go by in a blink.

I'm back and catching up is not easy. Hopefully I've learned my lesson...
A lot has happened in 4 1/2 months but the most important event is two new granddaughters joined our family. Most of you know that we were blessed with a miracle when Elena Marie was born. I struggled between fear and faith that day, watching the doctors and nurses helping Alison and praying she would be all right. Thankfully Heavenly Father wanted what we wanted and she is here to be a mom to her little family. And then three weeks later Hannah Noelle was born to Cory and Stephanie. Safe and healthy. Sometimes when I'm home by myself I think 'I have four adorable grandchildren who live 5 minutes away...what am I doing here at home?! I'm glad I can see them so much.

Elena and Hannah were blessed on October 12. Sara came home and Ben and Janae were here too. What a great weekend!

Sara also came after the babies were born, and to go to the fair and eat a cinnamon roll with me, and to celebrate her birthday. She'll be done with her internship in St. George by Christmas. Then who knows what exciting things she will do.

Sara, Stephanie and Hannah

Elena in her new swimsuit.

Cinnamon rolls at the Fair! Jesus rented a wheelchair for Alison - she was still recovering from surgery but didn't want to miss the fair! Caleb and Patrick spent most of the time climbing on a cardboard box... They did like the animals too.

Happy Birthday Sara and Kristina!

I love my kids!

These pictures are backwards...but nevertheless... In August we went to Mammoth and stayed in Uncle Tim's condo for a week. Crowding 10 people in a two bedroom condo may not sound like a good idea but we had the best time. This is us on the city trolley. We took a ride across town to have ice cream one afternoon. Caleb loved the ride - he was pretty sad when we had to get off.

Janae and the boys.

One day we took a picnic to one of the lakes nearby and rented a row boat. It was a gorgeous place. You can see a waterfall at the other end of the lake.

Another day we found a park where the boys could play. We had lunch and then had some serious relay races that everyone loved...

Ben and Janae stayed in a campground up the road for two nights. One of those nights we all went up and fixed hot dogs and smores for dinner with them. Cory and Sara took turns playing the guitar so we could sing around the campfire.

Hiking with Grandma.

The first day we all took a hike up to Devil's Post Pile, (look that one up on the internet) even the pregnant ladies and little boys. Cory, Sara and I went back up later and hiked to Rainbow Falls. Cory and Sara didn't have to carry me one time!

Ben and Sara with the Mammoth.

This summer Cory was called to serve in the Monica Ward Bishopric.
Here he is with the good men in our ward and stake who have been such great examples to him over the years, four of them were his bishops.

Grandpa decided to sell his old red pickup. A sad day for Caleb and Patrick. Good thing he bought this to replace it: and much more fun for grandma too!


Here's Jerry and Cliff Johnson at the BYU Idaho Career Fair. It wasn't snowing this time but it was 24 degrees one day and we decided that was too cold for us to consider it a place to retire.

A week later we were at BYU Hawaii... what can I say.
Jerry always has to do his job...(darn) but we are able to ejoy the shrimp truck, shaved ice, relaxing, scenery. ..Even just being on campus is one of my favorite things.

Here we are in the Lobby of Turtle Bay on Halloween - sorry we missed it in Bakersfield but we did see pictures!

I did get to go to the Pumpkin Patch with everyone.

Hannah and Grandma.

Patrick and Caleb

Popcorn on Sunday evenings. Sometimes I have little boys on my island and sometimes I have $100,000 in cash... I don't know which is more fun.

Yes I do.