Friday, May 8, 2009


DISNEYLAND - Ben and me at California Disney.
But first:

Sara and Alison were having a 'moment' last week and tried on their bridesmaids dresses... Aren't they lovely. I think Alison has plans for the purple one (Stephanie's, out of raw silk,
and Janae's.)

Sara and I went to Utah last month for my nephew Nick's wedding.
This is my sister-in-law and brother at the temple. I love them. They are great people. Doug will be released from his calling as Branch President at the MTC this month. He is the kind of man Heavenly Father has used for great things throughout his life. Not to leave out the rest of my family who are of the same caliber. I am very lucky.
Luckily the wedding, lunch and reception were the day AFTER the blizzard!
Provo, April 15, 2009

Nick and Emily

Sara and I- at the SLC Temple.

We went to Disneyland yesterday. Hurray! Cory has quit his job with CBIZ - his dad's CPA firm.. and took a week off before he starts his new job with A & P Growers (the Almond and Pistachio Co. - one of CBIZ's client's) So we took advantage and went to Disneyland.
Here are Cory, Caleb, Jesus and Patrick at the Hotel pool.
Higher daddy! Higher!

Bad catch Jesus. Guess Cory will have to do it...

"I'll race you to the other side with one foot behind my back."

It ain't the Ritz - but it will do.
"Room Service!! - if you're not up here in 5 minutes with my extra pillow there will be trouble!"

"Ah, the hotel life. What time are our massages?"

"I promise if we sit right here Ariel will come by this very spot!"

"Gee dad, it's not that bad..."

With my girls.
And my boys.
It's the real BUZZ LIGHT YEAR!
Wouldn't it great if we all had masks with permanent smiles painted on them. He was so happy even though it was probably *110 inside his suit.

While everyone else went to Pirates and the Jungle Ride Ben talked me into going to California Disney - I'd never been there before - to ride Soaring over California. Let me just say that it was breathtaking! even emotional at times. I loved it. And on our way back to Disneyland I saw Mater and Lightening McQueen - so sad Caleb and Patrick weren't with us.
(See picture above that I accidentally deleted here.)
Janae's uncle owns a Hotel across the street and got three of us in for free! We love Uncle Brandon!
Doesn't Mickie look as young as the first day Disneyland opened. I wonder if he's had work done.

Disney was a smart man, right Sara.


Carla said...

You didn't go on Tower of Terror? That right might take your breath away and make you cry too :)

It looks like you guys had so much fun!

Susan said...

Connie - thanks for the comment on my post. I did not recognize the name so I clicked over to see who it was from and found your blog. Yea – a friend - not one of those stealth blog stockers. Disneyland looked so fun! Don’t you just love watching your grown children interact with each other? Family time is the best.