Sunday, July 28, 2013

MARCH 2013

And then we went to Texas!
I've been to Texas three times this year. YAY! And I can't remember which one this was but Alison and I bought matching purses. Isn't that special.
So in March:
Last year Ben and Janae's music group got invited to perform at the American Choral Organizations
Annual Performance in Dallas. Let's see, who do we know in Dallas? And should we go??
And of course Sara needed to come too. 
So we went to lunch, did some hot tubbing/swimming, pizza making, steam engine building,
nail painting, long horn watching,
Rib eating at Risky's in Fort Worth.
We also went to hear Ben play at the JFK Memorial.
That's Sara in the shadow. 
Then - the fabulous concert. And the announcement that the group Ben and Janae are in is starting another one in Dallas - (Now called the Millennial Choirs and Orchestra) 
 for Alison to play her flute in! 
Their music was moving to say the least.
 Always sad when one of us is missing.... that would be the Cory Randall Family.
Then - Easter in St. George. And guess who showed up?
I guess they knew there would be egg dying. 
Can you blame them.


Mrs. Schmalison said...

Awesome trip. Next time everyone should come.

Connie de said...